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START treating your body with the CARE it deserves by giving it the NUTRIENTS it CRAVES!

CLOUD NINE supplements are specifically tailored for YOGIS & DANCERS


Our Founder:

Cassandra Yasko found her love for dance at a young age in rural Maine, quickly taking her studies into the cities of Boston and New York. Her passion for dance expanded while spending summers at Boston Conservatory, Alvin Ailey, ABT, and attending the Joffrey Ballet School Trainee program. While earning her Associates in dance performance from Dean College, Cassandra’s enthusiasm for Modern and Contemporary dance flourished. Concluding her BA through UMass Amherst in Dance & Health, she continued to take the stage with dance companies in Massachusetts. Today, Cassandra enjoys sharing her enthusiasm of this art form by teaching dance to students of all ages.

Throughout her years in college, Cassandra found a parallel passion with yoga. She began taking yoga at a small local studio after her college classes concluded, continuing her practice years hence. Embracing her growing passion for yoga, Cassandra has completed her training as a certified Yoga Instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance and, has completed continuing studies specializing in Yoga for Teens.

Learn more about Cassandra and view her resume by clicking here.

Why Cloud Nine:

Drawing on a lifetime of experience in Dance, Yoga and Holistic Health knowledge, each supplement has been thoughtfully formulated to specifically support and enhance the lives of dancers and yogis. Cloud Nine produces high quality products tailored to the demanding needs of an athletic lifestyle. Care for your body by giving it the vitamins and nutrients it deserves.

Our Mission:

Cloud Nine is raising awareness on the importance of natural supplementation to support an active lifestyle. Our mission is to help athletes train stronger, safer and more successfully. We strive to extend the performance life span of a dancer’s career. Cloud Nine adds to the health and happiness of a yogic lifestyle.

Avoid Injury:

Support your body with natural supplements to avoid future healthcare problems. Try supplementing with Centered Mood to support a healthy mood, Bone Integrity to aid in bone strength or Strong & Limber to support healthy flexible muscles.

Words from the Founder: Cassandra Yasko

“And I said to my body, softly, ‘I want to be your friend.’

It took a long breath and replied,

‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’ ”

Take care of your body and it will repay the favor many times over.