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 Your body is unique, shouldn't your supplements be?

All In One: Why this multi vitamin versus other leading brands?

All In One has a number of important nutrients that many other multi vitamins do not include. Containing 40 essential vitamins and minerals in just one capsule saves time and money rather than purchasing and taking all of these separately. While some of the leading brands may also have a wide range of vitamins and minerals, many do not contain a sufficient amount to be effective. The goal when taking a vitamin/mineral is for the nutrients to actually dissolve and be absorbed into your system creating a healthy impact upon the body. Vitamins/minerals should be ingested through the stomach wall or absorbed through the mouth to benefit from its nutritional value. The issue today is that most formulations on the market are not made properly to dissolve and absorb adequately, preventing the nutrients from entering the body’s cells where they can be best utilized. Also, due to the fact that some people cannot digest capsules well, creates yet another challenge to formulating a multi vitamin that works effectively. Our All In One is formulated without any fillers or artificial ingredients, which makes it easier to dissolve and be ingested. Also, the use of oxylock technology that the supplements are coated in keeps the product fresh over time.

Sprays & Drops: Why use a supplement in the form of a spray or a liquid drop?

While many products come in the form of a capsule, tablet or gelcap, some people have difficulty swallowing and processing these. Some people are also sensitive to the digestion of vitamins/minerals leading to the potential of discomfort. The sprays and drops are a lovely alternative to capsules. When using these products, the nutrients are directly absorbed into the body through the mouth, not through the stomach.

The technology used in formulating the sprays and drops results in the supplements being reduced into particles that are very small in size. When the particle size is small enough, the nutrients can be easily absorbed in through the wall of the cells of the body. Imagine a bowling ball representing the size of a supplement particle trying to be absorbed by your cells. Now imagine a marble as your cells. Try to take this bowling ball and try to fit it into the marble. This visual depicts how most products are ingested in the stomach and then attempt to be absorbed into the cells of the body. However, when a supplement particle the size of a marble attempts to fit into a cell the size of a bowling ball, it’s quite easy. The concept behind Cloud Nine products is ease of use and great oral absorption. The sprays are easy to use and the fact that the product is easily absorbed through the mouth is referred to as oral bioavailability.

Aside from all the scientific aspects, these sprays are easy to use and can be carried in a bag or a pocket to be taken when needed. Also, they are sized for carry on air travel (TSA friendly) which is convenient for the frequent flyer.

Amped to Aspire & Black Bear B12: How do these differ from other B12 products?

We all need B12. Our bodies manufacture B12 naturally but most of us need more than we make. If you are an extremely active person, your body is utilizing every last bit of B12 and it is necessary to replenish your reserves daily. People realized this fact years ago and certain ballet companies required that their dancers actually receive B12 injections. Take a second and imagine a car with the red fuel light flashing, running on empty. How long can you go before the car stalls out? How long can you push it until other elements of the vehicle begin to fall apart due to the pressure of running on empty? As the car with the red light flashing, a body low on B12 is caught in an exhausting pattern; it is time to change it.

People who know the secret to B12 choose our Amped to Aspire and Black Bear B12 over other brands. There are different kinds of B12 and the one that is most commonly used is cyano B12 (cyanocobalamin). This type is inexpensive and easy to make but contains a cyanide molecule which when digested actually depletes your body’s naturally made stores of B12: hydroxyl B12. Hydroxyl B12 is the type of B12 we use in our spray and drops. We use a blend of hydroxyl and adenosyl B12 for an added boost of energy; a safer more natural approach.

Black Bear B12, Amped to Aspire, B Daily and C Daily/Chewable C: Why take them every day?

In a nut shell, there are two different kinds of vitamins that your body needs. One form is fat soluble and the other is water soluble. The fat soluble vitamins stay in the system for longer periods of time where as the water soluble are excreted daily. Thus, it is important to replenish your body’s need for B and C vitamins daily because they are water soluble vitamins.

Protein at Hand, All in One and Egg Protein Powder: What’s so great about them?

The need for protein when you exercise is crucial. The building blocks for protein are amino acids and you need to have the amino acids come together as a unit to make the protein. The issue here is that all of the amino acids your body utilizes are not the same. Glutamate/glutamine is an amino acid and it is part of the protein chain, however, you only want to take small amounts of this form since too much of glutamate/glutamine can damage the nerves; read Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills by Dr. Russell Blaylock to learn moreProtein at Hand, has specially selected amino acids to support the body without the added glutamate. The All in One also includes certain amino acids, but again, avoids the use of any glutamate or glutamine. The Egg Protein Powder is a source of protein containing all of the amino acids including small amounts of glutamate/glutamine. However, as stated above, small dosages of glutamate/glutamine are not the issue, the concern is with increased amounts of glutamate. Unlike many other protein bars or protein mixes, the Egg Protein powder does not have additional glutamate as an ingredient thus, an excellent source of protein without the concern of extra glutamate/glutamine.